The Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) Batch of 2024 Physical Education Majors in collaboration with Nexgen Golf Academy will host the first ever Chip, Putt and Drive Open Golf tournament at their campus ground in Turkeyen on April 13, 2024.

The amateur tournament will comprise 20 teams of four persons drawn mainly from CPCE teachers, several nearby community groups, University of Guyana students and teams from Region Three, but any four-person team can participate if registered by March 28 on a first-come basis.

This is the first major tournament fully organised by the CPCE Batch of 2024 Physical Education Majors in collaboration with the Guyana Golf Association’s Affiliate Club Programme and is part of the amazing growth of the sport over the past two years which has seen thousands of new players taking up golf as their new sport.

According to CPCE Vice-Principal Registrar, Kevaun Sears, “This event shows our teacher/students commitment to learning and promoting Golf and the response by teams from all over is demonstrative of the interest in the game. I am grateful for the support by Mr. (Aleem) Hussain, the GGA and Nexgen Golf that allowed this sport to be introduced to Guyanese.”

Speaking on behalf of the CPCE Golf team, Stanley Alque, Physical Education Coordinator, stated: “This event started small and has grown rapidly to include 80 players. The ease with which our teachers have learnt and the level of interest shown in Golf continues to excel and with the help of Mr. Hussain it will produce greater performances.”

According to GGA president Aleem Hussain, “The Drive, Chip and Putt tournament format is gaining popularity around the world as casual players opt for the shortened version of the game to showcase their skills. Most major events include this type of challenge to attract more players to the sport and to create excitement and awareness of golf, especially to young people.”

The tournament will be monitored by the Guyana Golf Association’s Secretary Al Wilson and Vice-President Monnaf Arjune to ensure compliance with the rules of the Association.

Medals and hampers will be awarded to the top five teams. Teams desirous of registering may contact Ms. Trim at 691-1700 or Ms. Harris at 669-0381 as soon as possible. (Guyana Golf Association Press Release)