By Samuel Gillis

The Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) welcomes Dr. Julie Jailall as its newly appointed director, signaling a new chapter for the institution. Samuel Gillis sat down with her to discuss her vision for CPCE and plans for transformation.

Dr. Jailall, previously involved in the college’s curriculum review, emphasizes the need for significant changes at CPCE to position it as a premier institution not only in Guyana but in the wider region.

She aims to collaborate with the government to align the college with its mission of providing academically and professionally trained teachers at all levels of the formal education system.

In an interview, Dr. Jailall underscores the importance of effective teaching and learning practices, emphasizing the role of teachers in understanding students’ needs and interests.

She emphasizes the college’s role in training teachers to meet students where they are and deliver quality education.

As the new director, Dr. Jailall assumes oversight of all departments, including capital, economic, student, and staff welfare.

She acknowledges the need for significant improvements to bring these departments up to international standards.

Dr. Jailall envisions continued improvement across all areas of CPCE, including academic offerings, infrastructure, and working conditions.

She emphasizes the importance of creating digital smart classrooms and enhancing the college’s public image to attract aspiring teachers.

Her focus remains on driving continuous improvement across all departments, with the goal of elevating CPCE to new heights of excellence.