• All students must register with the Library before borrowing books.
  • Users are required to leave all bags and other items in the bag bay. All valuables must be removed as the Library will not be responsible for any loss of items missing from bags and other receptacles left at the bag bay.
  • Only files, papers, exercise books, notebooks and personal text-books are allowed in the Library.
  • The dress code of the college applies to the library. No one will be allowed to use the library wearing strapless tops or dresses, short pants or flimsy clothing.
  • No eating in the library.
  • All users leaving the library must show to the security guard (or other staff member if there is no security) all books and other materials in their possession whether they belong to the library or not. They may also be required to open their belongings for the inspection of any receptacles carried out of the library.
  • No loud speaking will be allowed in the library.
  • Radios and cell phones are not to be used in the library

Library Prize

A Library Prize is awarded at Graduation for the best Library User.

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