Core Course 

All Programmes
  • Early Childhood
  • Primary
  • Secondary Academic:
  • English Language
  • Spanish (Modern Languages)
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Pure Science
  • Secondary Pre-Vocational:
  • Agriculture Science
  • Home Economics
  • Information Technology
  • Business Studies
  • Industrial Technology
  • Enrichment:
  • Physical Education
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
Attendance Criteria

This is applicable to all courses. A student who fails to make eighty-five percent (85%) attendance without reasonable and legitimate excuse will be deemed to have failed the course and will be required to repeat the course.

Level of Attainment 

A student will be awarded a:
Distinction provided that he/she achieves:

  1. An overall average performance of between 80% – 100% and
  2. A minimum of 80% or Grade A in Teaching Practice.

Credit provided that he/she achieves an overall average performance of between 65% – 79%.

Pass provided that he/she achieves an overall average performance of between 55% – 64%.

Referrals, Re-sits, Repeats, I-Grades & Withdrawal

A student:-
-Who attains a grade D- a score between 45% to 54% – in any course (whether in the course work or examination component) will be considered a referred student and will be permitted to write the re-sit examination at the times specified for these examinations.

-Must earn a minimum grade of D to qualify for a re-sit.

-Taking the re-sit can only gain a maximum grade of C.

-Who obtains a grade of F in any course is required to repeat the course. A student will be entitled to only two repeats for the entire ADE programme. A student who finds himself or herself in a position which requires him or her to repeat for the third time must withdraw from the programme.

-Will be given an I-grade once the student would have completed at least 80% of the course work, but was unable to write the examination or providing that the student would have completed 80% of a course that is assessed by continuous assessment procedures. This student has until the end of the subsequent Semester to complete the outstanding assignment(s).

Uniform Requirement

All students must comply with the required uniform specifications in relation to the pattern and colour. If any student claims that he/she has permission to deviate from the dress code, then he/she must produce a written document upon request. The document must be signed and stamped by the person granting such a waiver. Only the Principal, Vice Principals or Senior Lecturer (CSSS) is authorized to grant such permission.


If at the time of registration or any time after which the programme would have commenced the College finds a student’s qualifications invalid, he/she will be asked to leave the programme immediately.
If a student is found guilty of breach of any College regulations, he/she will be dealt with in accordance with the disciplinary practices of the institution.

Contractual Obligations

Students who would have successfully completed their studies at the College are expected to serve the People and Government of Guyana for a specified contracted period at a school in the Hinterland,Riverain Area, or any other part of Guyana, where there is the existing need for their service.