Two readers’ tickets are issued to every student at the beginning of the academic year for the borrowing of two items or other loans. These books may be renewed for a further one (1) week period, unless they are reserved by another reader. Staff members of the college are issued with one ticket each which permits them to borrow a number of books.

Teaching Practice Loans

In addition to the two (2) readers’ tickets which can be used for the regular or other loans, each student is issued with another ticket to borrow a many as twenty (20) books and other teaching aids for the duration of the teaching practice. The teaching practice loan is subjected to the following rules:

  • Teaching Practice loans are for class use.
  • All books and materials borrowed must be returned to the Library
  • Teaching aids may include maps, phonograph records, puzzles, word cards and pictures.

Forty-eight (48) hours, One (1) Hour and Overnight Loans .The forty-eight hours loans must be borrowed at 16:00 hours on the day requested and must be returned at 09:00 hours on the day due.Overnight night loans must be borrowed at 16:00hours on the day requested and returned at 09:00 hours on the day due for Pre-Services and by 16:00 hours on the day for In-Services.One (1) hour loans are designed to facilitate namely Photocopying Service. These will be not be granted during the half hour before the library closes.