The College Curricula
The College curricula include interactive media integrated into a number of programmes
             Google Suite  Moodle
Different ways to Learn
 Application for Admission (Online/Hard Copy)
 General Requirements/Advertisement/Education Notice
               Requirements differ
           Submit Application – Admissions Department evaluate and determine acceptance
           Enrolled Students Submit: Academic Certificate
                                                          Passport Size Photographs (2)
                                                          Birth Certificate
                                                          Marriage Certificate (If Applicable)
                                                          ID Card/Passport/Deed Poll
                                                         TIN Certificate
                                                         Police Clearance
                                                         Medical Form
                                                         Appointment Letter (Only In-Service Applicants)
Student Support
                Resources – Online Library, EBSCO, NotesMaster
                                       Writing Centre
               Direction – Registration
                                  Programme Change
           Information Technology –
 Student Handbook
Student Council (Student Handbook)
 Disciplinary Committee
Partnering Institutions
           University of Guyana
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7.1 Frequently Asked Questions