• Submit Application – Admissions Department evaluate and determine acceptance
  • Enrolled Students Submit: 
    – Bank and Account Number (Only Pre-Service Applicants)
    – Copy/Copies of Academic Certificate/s
    – Police Clearance
    – Copy of Birth Certificate
    – Copy of Identification Card or Passport
    – 3 Passport Sized Photographs
    – Copy of National Insurance Scheme Card
    – Copy of Application
    – Medical Form
    – 2 Copies of the Bond Form
    – Copy of Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    – Appointment Letter (Only In-Service Applicants)
    – Deed Poll (if applicable)
    – Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Application for Admission (Apply Online)

  • TTC 3Y
  • ADE 2Y Inservice Link
  • Ade Pre-Service Link

Application for Admission (Hard Copy)

Are you Teaching - Yes
Are you Teaching -No